The number you remember — The people you trust


1-800-Plumber Franchise Information

Our brand is over a decade in the making. When you think of the perfect name for a home services business, you know it has to be easy to remember and say exactly what you do. What could be more perfect than 1-800-Plumber®. You have the opportunity to own this brand for your entire market. However, it is more than just a powerful brand. In perfecting our model, we spent nearly three full years designing specific systems to address the biggest road blocks to growth for new territory owners.

Ways 1-800-Plumber is Transforming the Industry

1-800-Plumber® partners with plumbing and HVAC business owners who desire to grow to record profitability or investors seeking a unique, consistent business model. The model is built specifically to initiate quantum growth for existing companies with 3-25 trucks. We work diligently with you to make these visions become reality.

The 1-800-Plumber® Brand

It is the most valuable brand in the industry. You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising to get your customer to remember your brand… and they still have to look up your phone number. With 1-800-Plumber® the name is the number. What could be easier?